"Pain is a path to God. It can be transformed into love and everlasting life."    

—A voice of wisdom
When Spirit Calls, Chapter 10
The Book
When Spirit Calls: A Healing Odyssey

From the congregation of mystic Howard Thurman and the pews of an Episcopal Church to the feet of an Indian guru, through the struggles of urban life and the pain of a debilitating back injury, from heartbreak to joy, Joan Diver shares her journey of spirit. Risking reputation and friends, she abandons her professional career as the director of a Boston foundation to follow an inner call to the path of a healer. Her choice propels her to travel through unfamiliar realities with breathtaking courage and grace.
Married to the love of her life and fueled by a passion for a more just society, Diver faces physical disability as she is about to be interviewed for a Pulitzer Prize-winning book. Determined to find the source of her pain, she follows the urgings of a voice within and embarks on a healing odyssey. It takes her from orthopedic surgeons to Santa Fe healers, from Christ's tomb in Jerusalem to an ashram in India, from the peak of Mt. Sinai to a shattered temple in China, from the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza to the inmost chambers of her heart. Led into mystical dimensions, she embraces new healing modalities, expanding her understanding, stumbling in places and also running free. We watch with wonder as she negotiates the skepticism of her lawyer-trained husband then brings him along by her side.
When Spirit Calls unfolds like a fast-moving novel, while inviting reflection on the nature of consciousness, the power of love and the presence of a guiding spirit. Challenged by Diver's story, we are inspired to follow our own paths to healing and wholeness, and to create a more loving world. This is a book for our time.
"When Spirit Calls is a profoundly honest, candid and courageous chronicle of one woman's search for meaning and purpose in the face of painful physical and emotional challenges… 
Her search and this book are acts of pure love."
—Gary Hirshberg
Chairman and Co-founder, Stonyfield Farm
Author, Stirring It Up: How to Make Money and Save the World